We need a Design hero

Hello everybody.

The Solid team that I am member of, focuses on all things hardware, a few examples of our efforts are: Bluedevil, KScreen, kde-colord, powerdevil, libsolid, plasma-nm…

Since we are aware of how essential good hardware support is for having a good experience we try our best to deliver highly usable and simple interfaces that will enable any kind of user to unleash all the potential of their hardware. That is why usability is a top priority for us.

A few years ago something as simple as connecting into a wifi was a difficult and scary task to perform under our workspace, and most of the times it just did not work. Nowadays networking is not a problem any more, plasma-nm works reliably and we keep iterating on its design with the mission of having the most beautiful, clean and functional interface possible. And it is here we need your help.

We need some icons to be done for Plasma-nm that integrate with the current theme. We are aware that working for somebody else’s theme is not a fun job but trust me, neither is most of the hardware work we do.

So, who is going to be our design hero? Who will work with us to bring networking to the next level?

If you want to help, please Contact Jan Grulich jgrulich at redhat dot com


Icons to be improved/re-worked.

Thanks !

  • http://www.jenssage.com Jens

    The KDE project should team up with the noun project and its icon designers.

    Also, the KDE project should hire an experienced art director for the overall design.

    Do it right, don’t use Photoshop kiddies for the most critical part of your product – the design.

    • Andreas

      The most critical part is functionality not design.

  • fasd

    Actually all you need to do with this set of icons is to improve exclamation mark and locks.

    But in general KDE desperately needs design hero!

    • http://www.afiestas.org afiestas

      Yes to both things :/ !

  • Sander

    KDE has improved a lot with time, that’s for sure, but the design part was always the problem that people didn’t seem to be able workout.

    Reworking the Oxygen Suite to KDE5 should be a must. For example, these icons would be look the best if they were as minimalistic as possible, IMHO, actually, the whole Oxygen icon set would probably look better if they were minimalistic.

    • Thomas Pfeiffer

      The problem is that the Oxygen icon set is huge, so while a rework would be appreciated, I assume it would take several hundred hours of work to do it. So if we either get one designer with a hell of a lot of time on his or her hands or a team of designer that work together well, it can be done.
      A single designer with a few dozen hours to spare won’t do the trick, though. They could rework the Plasma icons, but that’s pretty mich it (and there are already Plasam themes with minimalistic icons available, precisely because that is relatively easy to do).

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    Will those icons also “take the color from the plasma theme text color, with a stylesheet.” as mentioned by Marco Martin here: https://plus.google.com/+MarcoMartin/posts/FTAPLJKxhEu
    Thank you for the great work you do!

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