Two annoying bugs fixed in KDirWatch and kuiserver

Just a quick announce for the interested parties (distributions and advanced users).

Yesterday I pushed a couple of fixes that fix annoying bugs and because of that I belive that you may want to backport them to 4.6.5 or even to 4.7.1 if you don’t want or you can’t wait until 4.7.2.

Folder contents are not refreshing:

This happens only when using a kernel with two digits uname such 3.0-ARCH for example, commit to backport is:  kdelibs 7df5a79fb9f09e4a4a80cd541cc478b5fa6df00f

Empty jobs:

Some times jobs are shown empty though the job itself is working fine, this happen in a random situation depending on the system load etc, it was no easily reproducible but thanks to my slow and lovely computer I could then I fix it.

commits to backport are two in kde-runtime: 329a4fe6fe7b8a9262d5ef7fefba255e9c29fade and d769c74a5cab576e124666174a0b2bc5e2af8cde


These two fixes will be released with 4.7.2.


  • fabian

    :D thank you. the secound bug here is that one whokilled my mind mostly every day

  • Aaron Seigo

    awesome :)

    which repos, btw? kdelibs? or is there kde-workspace stuff in there too?

    • afiestas

      Ups, I though I wrote that xD

      kdelibs for the KDirWatch and kde-runtime for the kuiserver, I will update the entry.

  • arekm

    Fix one more thing – #281360 :-)

  • Romain Perier

    Woo! you rock!