Summary of last 6 months:

More or less 6 months ago I put myself a list of objective to accomplish in KDE, so far these are the results:


  • Bluetooth: We’ve been working hard in the last release of BlueDevil (1.1), now we can say that more or less KDE has a good Bluetooth support :)!
  • Webcam: Kamoso 2.0 has been released, and with it rock solid support to do the basics such Take a picture, or Record a video.
  • XRandR: The job has been started, I’ve in a private repository a fork of xrandrtray libraries, and the “configuration” has been decoupled from the actual XRandR code. More important I have a plan for it now.
  • LibSolid Async: Nothing on this area, -10 for me :(
  • Kevin Ottens former maintainer and overlord of Solid is transferring to me the responsibility, challenge accepted!

Zeroconf and Friends:

  • Samba has been fixed by rbelem (Rodrigo Belem), there is no place for me there :p
  • NFS support has been removed (by rbelem too), it has no place between modern user-land protocols.
  • UPnP: The work on UPnP is about to be merged, I haven’t touch a line though I’ve read a lot about it.
  • Avahi: KDE Already has a good support for Avahi, though we’ve to improve how we present it to the user. No plans here and I won’t be working on it anytime soon.


  • Almost nothing… Though I’m still willing to work on it starting by analyzing the current situation.

I have to say that I’m quite proud of myself though I haven’t accomplish everything I wanted since right now my priority is my “real life” job.

Anyway, next post is going to be about what I’m going to do for the next 6 months… stay tuned!

  • Christoph

    Wow, didn’t know you also worked on better XRandR support in KDE, that will be much needed (and it’s a pity last years GSoC for it didn’t come to fruit). I am staying tuned, thanks ;)

    • afiestas

      I will make a blog post about XRandR soonish

  • mutlu

    You are awesome! Really.

  • Martin Klapetek

    Hey Alex,

    good job! One small suggestion for Kamoso – the wrench button and the other button (with menu items Trash and Open) could use two things – a) a tooltip saying what that button does and b) a small arrow indicating it is a toolbutton with a drop-down menu (setArrowType(Qt::DownArrow) might do it ;)


    • afiestas

      Oh! that’s a good idea actually, can you add a bug so we don’t forget it?

  • Shaheed

    Can you kindly expand on the “NFS is gone” part? What exactly is gone?

    Some of us have to work in an NFS-heavy environment!

    • afiestas

      The capacity of sharing a file via NFS, sorry for the false alarm :p

  • Heller

    I always wonder myself how you – all the KDE folks (and others similar projects) – can manage to do all this work with your job and your real life… many thanks to all :-)

    • afiestas

      Some guys watch tv, I guess that we use that time to work on kde :p, anyway it is a pleasure for us.