One less thing that can put your laptop in danger

A few months ago it almost happened to me. It was horrible. I was traumatized. I wonder, how can that happend in 2011? why me? why to my laptop?

It was a worm afternoon in Madrid, the meeting I attended was so intensive I didn’t get to login into the KDE Plasma Workspace session but instead I let the laptop on the KDM login page. Once the session finished I closed my laptop and put it in my bag full of battery.

I’m not sure about the amount of time, but probably between 3 to 4 hours later I arrived home, opened my backpack and there it was, I found my laptop burning, hot as hell I even had to grab a cloth to open the lid and move the laptop to some place cool. From that day my new battery went form 98% of capacity to 90.

That night, I  sent an email to some KDE mailist asking for this issue, until today nothing has been done to fix it.

I don’t want anybody to pass from the same I went through, that’s why now with lightdm-kde the computer will suspend if the lid is closed.

Next thing I want to do is show the battery remaining somewhere and suspend the computer after 2 minutes of idle time.

With that, lightdm-kde will have great power management support.

  • Lamarque V. Souza

    I never liked that suspend on lid close thing because of that. Everybody thinks it will always work but it is not only the kdm login that can prevent the system to suspend: low swap space, a program that refuses to freeze (Firefox used to be one of them, I do not know the current status) also prevents suspend to disk from succeeding. I always make sure my notebook is turned off (on suspend to disk) or in suspend to ram state before I close the lid, so suspend on lid close there is no use for me (I just set my notebook to lock screen on lid close).

  • Wolfgang Rohdewald

    I am sure you will make that configurable but since you do not say so – maybe not. My notebook normally is either in the office or in the living room, with connected power, and never overheating. But suspend/resume is not reliable, I often have to hard boot after suspend. So for me, the only acceptable option is to shut off the display when closing the lid – nothing else. And definitively no suspend after 2 minutes. I have scheduled nightly network backups.

  • dantti

    Wow that’s indeed cool, thanks, I missed this and two more things (at least missing on KDM):
    – Being able to change the keyboard language (super important if you get a keyboard that doesn’t has your special key to enter you crypto password).
    – Being able to manage bluetooth to connect a bt mouse or keyboard (well if you have to connect both you are screewed :P , really wonders how iMac does that…)

    • afiestas

      I have an app somewhere to do the Bluetooth thing… will take a look at how QMLize it.

  • Hardy


    we had this problem also one year ago, but it was a kernel problem. Fixed by red hat …
    With cifs-devices mounted, the laptop doesn’t shut down, suspend or however it is called …

    Maybe, you test again with kdm, newer kernel and check if the problem still exist?

  • jrdls

    Indeed! My laptop doesn’t suspend when I’m on the KDM login page. Is there a bug report I can subscribe to in order to follow a resolution of this issue?

    • Kenta

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  • bash

    I’d like this feature too!


  • nomeomen

    So this means that lightdm-kde will replace kdm?

    • afiestas

      Nope, lightdm-kde is just an alternative to KDM, as KDM is to GDM or XDM or… It will be up to the distro decide which one to use.

  • David Edmundson

    @Lamarque Alex’s patch called “suspend to RAM” so you shouldn’t have any issues. Generally that always works successfully.
    Also you won’t have firefox etc. running as this is in cases where you’re not logged in yet.

    @Dantii et al.
    If you want changes in LightDM TRY IT, and then file a wishlist report on (choosing component lightdm)

  • masterdany88

    Great conclusion. I can wait to have lightdm in my kubuntu.
    KDM is so heavy and slow. And it doesnt suspend computer, but I really wont to do that.
    As You say it will much more improve kde on laptops.
    It will be great to have button in lihtdm to suspend or hibernate, and much more configuration.

  • Enrico

    Just a suggestion: make the laptop suspend only when on battery by default. There is no chance your laptop is in your bag if you are on battery, you are not going to burn it :). Of course if you are on AC, the lid is closed and after a while you unplug the AC, suspend!

    As someone already said it is better to make this optional (but enabled by default). Suspend/hibernate doesn’t work in every scenario, and it is very annoying to remeber “don’t close the lid while doing XYZ or lightdm will suspend and my sistem will <something doesn't work"

    Thank you :)

    • afiestas

      Will make it optional for sure, I’m not sure about the AC part though.

  • Ritesh Raj Sarraf

    Part of the reason for the laptop to go overheated is because you weren’t logged in. This is a mistake, by design, in most Linux GUI DEs.

    There are system wide background tools that can still ensure the your laptop is in a saner state. pm-utils and laptop-mode-tools. Do you use them?

    • afiestas

      My laptop got overheated because I put it being turned on in a neoprene cover first, then to my backpack.

      Even in powersaving state, there was no fresh air on taht sitaution.

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