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Hi there!

These last tree weeks have been crazy, apart from being busy sorting things out where I work, I have been doing an strict diet + sport to see if I can get rid of my extra weight, so far I’m not less Alex than I was tree weeks ago, exactly 10Kg less (22 pounds says google…). Well stop of talking about myself, let’s talk about BlueDevil!

BlueDevil 1.2:
Probably tomorrow we will be releasing the 1.2 version, since we released RC1/2 we have good good feedback, no new bugs seems to be reported so we think that we’re good to go.

BlueDevil 1.3:
This version was not in the plan, but after starting to work in the 2.0 version we found something we think that have to be “backported” to the 1.X branch. Basically more than a year ago when we started to work in the new stack, we found ourselves in a situation where the use of a thread  seemed correct and needed, so we use it. Now after a year 100% of the crash reports we get apparently came from that thread and so far we have not been able to find a solution since the crash is kinda random… I can’t reproduce it so I can’t fix it basically. Well the good news are that we found a way of removing that thread so in theory after this change we will be virtually crash free, yay!

So, to summarize: The 1.3 version will have only one change, which is the removal of the “AgentListener” thread in the BlueDevilDaemon (kded).

BlueDevil 2.0:
This is the next big version of BlueDevil, don’t worry we won’t be breaking anything :) Currently we’re using obex-data-server for a few things such receiving files, the problem is that it is almost un-maintained for example this bug which is quite critical for kio_oebxftp has not been touched though I pinged the author via bugtrack and email. But not worry, the BlueZ community has been working in a replacement for months or even years it is called obexd. We are already using obexd for sending files and so far it is working great so the idea is to port everythiing that uses obex-data-server to obexd.

There is one problem though, obexd is not done by desktop in mind so we will have to do some patching there in order to add the needed settings we need.


Dates, dates, dates, everybody love dates…  this is the non-strict non-hard schedule:

1.2: Tomorrow
1.3: Next Friday
2.0: By the end of the month

I will be focusing myself in BlueDevil the entire month, the sooner we finish these changes the sooner we can work in other stuff, personally I will work in KRandR.


  • Naproxeno

    Sounds good. Congratulations and thanks for your work! :-)

  • teho

    Bluedevil is an awesome piece of software for sure. I haven’t had any problems with it ever. One thing that I really would like to see is plasmatification of the systray applet and gui to change the default bluetooth adapter. Are such features planned?

    • afiestas

      We will have Plasmification for sure, when? Can’t say for sure but after 2.0 sounds perfect.
      About the default bluetooth adapter, the right place for doing it would be in BlueZ, maybe I can do some patching there, will see.

  • kyriakos

    Last months many people I know start getting in the fit/healthy mood! Good to see more people getting healthier. Hope you can keep it that way Alex. About Bluedevil i Never had a problem with it but still is nice to see a progress. Thank you for your work and for keeping us updated Alex. And if you use runkeeper, cardiotrainer or any other sport activity tracking app we could do with some competition/compare our progress etc to keep us motivated, gives u extra target and is more fun when is social.

    • afiestas

      I’m using endomondo for android, it is privative but well… thanks for the thumbs up :)!

  • dah65

    Buena suerte con la dieta, y con el ejercicio.
    Una pregunta: si no recuerdo mal, en un post tuyo de fines del año pasado leí que una de tus áreas de interés para este año era el soporte de impresión en KDE, que en tu opinión era mejorable. ¿Aún sigues manteniendo esa intención, ya sea para lo que resta de 2011 o para 2012?
    Saludos, y gracias por el trabajo en BlueDevil.

    • afiestas

      Nope, si te fijas en el último post sobre “The next six months” verás que printing ya no está. El motivo es por que otra persona (Jhon Layt) está dandole bastante caña, así que prefiero desviar mi tiempo a otras cosas mas desatendidas.

  • procuste

    Hi, 10kg!!!!, fantastic, I’m trying to get rid of my extra 4kg (taken in Austin :-) from 2weeks without results, 75kg I was and 75kg I am now!

    thankyou for everything are you douing :-)))))

  • Kevin Kofler

    Another problem is that obex-data-server and obexd conflict, so if that change isn’t coordinated with the gnome-bluetooth developers, we’re going to have a problem packaging the stuff. :-( Currently, the obexd server isn’t even built in Fedora, the obexd package is configured with –disable-server and contains the client bits only.

    • afiestas

      Well, lot of distributions have obexd-server and obexd-client, why can’t fedora do that?

      About gnome-bluetooth developers, I can send an email to them, but as you may imagine is up to them to make the port…

  • BajK

    What I’d love to see sometime in the future is pairing my smartphone with bluedevil and when I leave my desk i.e. it gets out of reach, the session is locked.

    • afiestas

      Ya, that’s something for 2.1 :)

  • Cae

    When installing bluedevil, which other components are required to install (e.g. obex) , so that we can sync with a phone for data transfer?

  • Adam Pigg

    Can BlueDevil configure a DUN connection for use with network manager? I think it is something the gnome bluetooth manager can do.

    • afiestas

      You should read my latest entries in the blog. 1.2 will.

  • Asier

    Cada día mejor. Si todos los proyectos de KDE evolucionasen al mismo ritmo… (ya, ya se que la falta de desarrolladores es la principal culpable)
    En fin, excelente trabajo. Gracias mil y enhorabuena.


    P.D: Sobre la web de EyeOS, creo que necesita con urgencia algún pantallazo a tamaño real, o al menos suficientemente grandes; también colocarlos en una sección a tal efecto creo que sería más atractivo para los potenciales usuarios. Lo digo porque si un poco de chiripa no pulso en “funcionalidades-del-usuario” no habría visto ninguno. Hoy día la gente no quiere saber sólo cuestiones técnicas sino qué pinta tienen las aplicaciones sobre las que se está informando, y más un escritorio, en el que uno tiene que encontrarse cómodo.
    Ah! y librería en inglés es “bookstore”, “library” es “biblioteca”, perdonad que sea un poco tocapelotas y que meta este “off-topic”, xD

    • afiestas

      Gracias por la motivación :) !

      Sobre eyeOS, ya hace tiempo que no trabajo allí, pero puedo reenviar tu sujerencia a la persona indicada.