New KDevelop key feature plugin

We’re a lot of developers in KDE, and each of us like to use one or other tool to write code, for example, is known that I love KDevelop, others like vim, emacs, kate, qtcreator, eclipse… But you know what we all do? ask for help :p

So we’ve develop a new Plugin for KDevelop which will give us direct access to where all the KDE knowlege is stored

David Faure Plugin

  • Aleix

    KDevelop 4, integrating our KDE :D

  • David Faure

    Oh no… now I’m going to spend the next ten years filling in the knowledge base for this :-)

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  • Rafael Fernández López

    Sublime. xDDD

  • Jeffery MacEachern

    This looks intriguing, but could you elaborate? Is something specific to KDevelop? Is it pulling from an OCS KnowledgeBase similar to the general KB plasmoid?

    • afiestas

      It is only a joke

      • Jeffery MacEachern

        Aheheh… My mistake for not looking at the screenshot carefully.

  • Nicolas

    @ Jeffery MacEachern
    The knowledge base is David Faure himself. What I’m not sure is if the plugin sends your questions to him over IRC, or it just includes a copy of his brain. I’d hope the latter, but if not, afiestas should look at that possibility for version 2.0 of the plugin.

    • afiestas

      xDDD, let’s clone dfaure!