Meet the KDE TeaTime !

KDE TeaTime LogoFor a few weeks now 3 other KDE hackers and I have been doing a videocast/podcast/show/thing about KDE. It is a completely unprofessional unprepared amateur show where we basically talk about a different topic every week without having any script, we say things as we think them. it Doesn’t matter if they are politically correct or not.

My main motivation for having this show is to open a door to the insides of KDE. This door is open both ways so the communication should and must be from Developers to Users and the other way around, so please participate !

Some urls of interest:

And of course #kdeteatime in both and twitter.
We are looking for all kind of participation, just to mention a few from the top of my head:
  • Leave feedback so we can improve
  • Ask questions of any kind!
  • Propose topics for future teatimes
  • Propose people to interview (and questions for these people)
  • Whatever you can think of :p
We usually do the shows every Tuesday at 16:00 CET but in anycase check the latest news and dates in our social sites.
So, join us and have a good time!


  • Matija „hook” Šuklje

    I ♥ KDE TeaTime (also the name), and check it out when I can, but it’d be great if it was using an Open Standard format and streamable in a KDE app (e.g. a video podcast via Bangarang or Amarok).

    • afiestas

      We are constantly investigating alternative ways of doing it… we don’t like G+ at all but it is the easier and best option we have found so far :/

      Any ideas?

      • Matija „hook” Šuklje

        Sadly I don’t have any easy solutions to offer :/

        I know there is MuJi¹ and an module for it in Telepathy, but no idea how far that is now. That would be an ideal solution, if it happens to be ready.

        1 — MuJi is Multiparty Jingle. Jingle is the video and audio part of XMPP.

        • Deniz

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      • Fatma

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  • Paul Gideon Dann

    Great idea, but could you do an audio-only version (in Ogg Vorbis)? I don’t think I could find the time to just sit and watch; I usually listen to podcasts when I’m walking.

    • afiestas

      We are working on it :) !