KScreen: Supporting the old and new (XRandR1.1 backend)

One of the points we had left to implement before we can consider KScreen a replacement for the current  screen management was support fo XRandR 1.1.

The XRandR1.1 extension dates from 100B.C and it only knows about one screen on which you can change: size,  refresh and rotation. Luckily all modern drivers implement at least XRandR 1.2 (which know about multiple screens) so you may be wondering why do we bother to support such an old thing?

It turns out that virtualization software usually only support XRandR1.1 and some other tools like Xvnc or Xephyr do as well, so the only way of ensuring that we look good when executed in those software is by implementing support for this old api.

Can you imagine what impression will a potential user get if the first thing we do while executed in a Virtualbox is crashing? not good for sure.

So, we are a step closer to consider ourselves complete :)

Cheers !

  • 1052

    Multi-monitor setup is surely the #1 most-annoying issue in KDE/Linux. I switch monitors at least four times per day and I have to adjust the settings manually every time. And everytime switching monitors fails and I get a black screen in both screens, forcing me to restart, I want to throw the laptop through the window. Thanks for working on this!

  • Wolf

    Thanks a lot for your efforts! I am already using the new kscreen for a few weeks and it is great! Undocking/docking works, plugging in my TV works, just how it should be! happy!

    Never tried running it under Virtualbox though. Hope the major distributions will ship this soon!

  • Anand

    Good work. Off the Topic – Are you aware of any initiatives that are undertaken for HDMI Display support in case of laptops with Nvidia Optimus graphics card where HDMI is tied to Nvidia graphics card. I will be glad to know of any workarounds to get this working. HDMI output is the only nagging issue for which i am forced to boot into Windows. :-(

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