KScreen 0.1-RC1 released

After a few more weeks of hard work in KScreen we are glad to announce the release of our first release candidate. We decided to jump directly from alpha1 to RC because of all the great feedback we have received and the surprisingly small list of reported bugs

We’ll probably do another RC release to test some of the code that is not yet in this version, like supporting the restoration of manually added resolutions (something only needed for broken monitors).


Cheers !

  • Fri13

    Please in this kind notifications please tell what the application really do.

  • eric

    <3 <3 <3
    waiting for the kubuntu packages

    • Mathieu CONAN

      Kubuntu package done and ready to use with kde 4.10 in the launchpad kubuntu-ppa :-D. I enjoy it so muchhhh ! Really thanks to the devs !

  • Jens
  • eric

    it would be great to be able to setting some kind of “barrier” when moving the cursor to another desktop, maybe only at the angles… i usually work with just one screen and to close a windows (when i don’t use alt+f4 or ctrl+w/q) i go with the cursor directly to the top right angle being sure of not having to be precise, as the “X” to close the window is there, the problem arise when I use 2 monitors (2nd screen on the right), this time when i go up there to close the window i need to be precise and not going to the other screen (this happens…..always… :\ ), so if it would have a small barrier before going to the other desktop it would be very useful
    i’d keep it just on the angles because otherwise it’d become an obstacle when moving normally the cursor around screens

  • And

    When watching the video I noticed that when you added a monitor the bar at the bottom panel did not extend across to the other monitor. Is it designed not to do that or do you have it set elsewhere not to expand (which is what I want to do also).

    Also when setting primary monitor does this (or in the future) force windows to open initially in that monitor? Or can monitors be kept “seperate” in regards to say fullscreening a video in mplayer, so it’s not stratched out all crazy which it likes to do.

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  • http://www.wyjebane.pl a.key

    I’ve downloaded 0.92 only to discover that it gives me “No supported X Window extension found”. I have XRandr 1.4.
    0.81 works great. Is there something additionally required for 0.92 onwards ?

  • Chris

    How well will this play with multiseat ? There currently is no kind of GUI based control panel for multi seat setups, have you tested Kscreen for that yet ?

    Thanks for you hard work