Kopete hacking session #1

Hi everybody!

Two days ago at morning, I was very bored I don’t remember exactly why, so I decided to hack a bit on Kopete, which is imho the KDE application which needs more love. I was wondering what I can add to it and after a few ideas I decided to implement the idea apol gave to me some days ago, be able to take pictures from the webcam, and set it as an avatar.

Well, this is the result after 1 hour of work (It was only 1h mainly because of kdevelop, it rocks!):

You can download the video from here

The first patch to implement it is waiting for review at: http://reviewboard.kde.org/r/1532/ Once it has been accepted I’ll submit the big one. I’m open for more ideas like that,I’ve no time to implement big features in software that I’m not completely involved with, but I can do things like this.

I hope you like it and please, drop a comment or send me an email if you have more small ideas!

  • http://www.FreezingMoon.org Dread Knight

    Great job :)

    I don’t use kopete when on linux/kde, because I find it the most awful KDE app. Empathy seems to have a promising future… I hope indeed Kopete will get more love…

  • Minatolf

    Nice! This is a feature I’ve been expecting for some time, thanks. Another thing, do you think it is possible to see my yahoo contacts from my Windows Live Messenger account? I don’t quite like having to use a yahoo account just to chat with my friends that also use that service.

  • http://www.afiestas.org afiestas

    I’m glad you like it!
    The piece of code I hacked on is very far of the yahoo plugin, so I can’t answer your question :( The only thing I know is that kopete will receive “soon?” a new mega-plugin called telepathy, which maybe will improve your situation. Maybe you should search in google about telepathy+yahoo.

  • mrafv
  • me

    Great! Indeed, kopete needs some more love! Since you’re open for more ideas and i got something that bugs me for a while: file transfers don’t work as long as you use otr encryption, i’d love to see that fixed.

  • anton

    Have just filled a wish for a small improvement: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=207064

    In short the wish is to add “view contact info” button to the “Add Contact to Server List” dialog for ICQ.

    And the great long awaited wish is to have voice/video support for jabber


    It can be done with jingle library, moreover there were gsoc project for this 1 or 2 years ago, but no news since then and the feature is not there.

    Also this feature were listed in 4.3 release plan, then moved to 4.4 release plan
    http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/4.4_Feature_Plan#kdenetwork and is still marked as TODO.

  • flextime

    Great Job :) Its good to know that someone is hacking on Kopete again! I think the most important feature that it is still missing is http proxy support. If someone managed to get Kopete to respect KDE’s http proxy settings, it would be awesome. Its a feature that has been promised since the KDE3 release but has yet to materialise :(

    Thanks for all the effort!

  • http://cassianoleal.wordpress.com/ Cassiano Leal

    Looks nice, man! Congrats!
    One feature that I would really like to see in Kopete is the ability to set proxies on a per-account basis (per-identity maybe?). This is the killer feature in Pidgin for me ATM. Kopete is my IM of choice at home, but this lack of individual proxying stops me from using it at work.
    Thanks for spending time on top of Kopete!

  • http://www.oceanwatcher.com/ Oceanwatcher

    Great to see someone doing something for Kopete! :-)

    Here is a challenge for you:

    I have several different accounts added in Kopete. And I prefer to be invisible in a couple of them due to very nice, but also very chatty people. So every time I log in to my computer I have to click and set the other accounts to “Online” as Kopete only allows one general status for all accounts instead of individual default statuses.

    I would like to have a setting for each account that gives the default status for that account. That way I do not need to do this every time I log in.

    The best would of course be to be able to set this on a per contact basis, but this requires support from the IM system, and as of today, I think that only ICQ supports this.

  • http://foss-boss.blogspot.com/ Ahmed Kamal

    Awesome job

    +1 for proxy support .. This totally kills kopete for me at work

  • LinuxSurfer

    I’ve been using Kopete with google chat.
    One feature I’d really like to see is an option like:
    “Incoming Message received from un-Open Chat Window”

    I like to get the notification pop up that says “Someone new is trying to chat with you” but the “Incoming Message Has Been Received” gives a notification on every received chat. It’s REALLY annoying if I have multiple chat windows already open and active.

    If this feature is there and I’m just missing it, please let me know.

  • LinuxSurfer

    I should mention I’m trying to write this feature myself but I’m new to KDE development so it’s taking me a long time to figure this out. Plus I only have a couple hours a week I can work on it.

  • http://blog.quintasan.pl Quintasan

    A simple feature like clickable links in status messages would be nice

  • LinuxSurfer

    Hey Sweet! This feature is in there.
    Configure->Behavior->Events->Treat all chats on the current desktop like active chats.

    Wow, that is not obvious at all. I think the labeling was better back in 3.5.x.

    Anyway, yea! I can move on to another patch contribution.

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