KBluetooth freezeless Wizard:)

I’m not a fussy user, I mean I don’t really care so much about interfaces or usability (as an user of course, as a developer I try to do my best), wherever there is a terminal I feel like home in there. However, in the other hand, when I’m developing I need to feel comfortable with the environment, including the application I’m developing. It’s for this reason that I’ve prioritized the GUI polishing of the wizard (the old one pissed me off every time I had to test something).

And well, this is the result, a freezeeless interface for KBluetooth-wizard.

PS: As a sneak-peak, notice that the wizard is not longer called “inputwizard :)”


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  • http://www.tigen.org/kevin.kofler/ Kevin Kofler

    Clickable link for those whose browser doesn’t support the fancy HTML5 stuff (Konqueror 4.4.0 technically should support it, but it doesn’t seem to work for me, 4.3.5 and older just plain didn’t support it):

  • Sunil

    I love your app! keep up the great work

  • http://www.bigroom.org/wordpress Epicanis

    Looking good! Any chance kbluetooth4 0.5 will be out to use with KDE SC 4.4x, or will we have to wait for 4.5?

  • http://www.afiestas.org afiestas

    Will be out for 4.4.X