For community free of Trolls

In light of the last comments containing insults and other attacks to members of our community I have decided to make a video blog explaining my thoughts on the issue.

The video contains two separate topics:

  • Explanation of why we can’t tolerate this behavior
  • Some ideas on the actual matter (Baloo)

Please, watch the whole thing before commenting and I hope we all work together to push away the trolls in our community.

Cheers !

  • GreenGuy

    Hi Alex,

    First of all, I’m not much linked to comments, but given such subject (and since I was also affected by sothing like this before) i’m going to comment.

    I visit your blog almost daily since you released the “KDE’s HUD” (which i think is REALLY great – even not working 100% on opensuse!!!), but i was not aware of this “problems” since i do not usually go to the KDE forums. It’s a shame something like this happens. I truly believe in free expression but always with respect towards the others.

    But i’m sure this will be overcome.

    Anyway, on to the subject (i will use some CAPS, but just to give more enfase not in the yelling sense):

    I’m an OpenSuse user and, as you may already guess, i use KDE (almost for 10 years already).
    The ONLY reason i “elected” KDE as my desktop of choice was simply because of the “Power-of-choice” that only KDE gives to the user.

    If it wasn’t for that, i would be at Gnome.

    Speaking of Gnome, from some time ago i’ve been getting a feeling (maybe wrong) that something inside KDE is changing towards the Gnome view of “to much options will confuse the basic-user”.

    I do understand this point now, but not 3 years ago. A little story: I am responsible for a bunch of computers in one place. When i started moving the biggest part of them to Opensuse, i choose KDE as the desktop. “The users are around 20yrs so, they’ll love to be able to personalise everything to their taste”, i thought… NOT THAT MUCH!!! Only about 3 guys done it. Biggest part didn’t touch it. ” WT***?!?!?! ” I thought… After that i’ve seen a lot of other examples where to much options confuse the users and even scares them.

    My idea was wrong!!! I, that always believed “the more options there is, the better”, was wrong and i started to understand the “Gnome view”.

    So, i do understand your idea. HOWEVER, this is the “Gnome view”. If i wanted the “Gnome View” i would be at Gnome, not at KDE.

    I’ve read somewhere (since i start reading more about this “war-of-words”) that only 1% of the KDE users use advanced options. Ok, that may even be the case.

    But MAYBE that 1% is the guys that have set the biggest part of the other 99% using KDE. Maybe… because, since the 99% of the other users are BASIC users,

    most of them won’t, for sure, even know how to dowload, burn and install an OS – and i speak based on my own experience.

    Also, I’ve read somewhere as well that one solution would be – the “advanced user” edit the config files manually, compile certain GUI parts or even write themself’s the software. When i read this that “WT*?!?!” came to my head again.

    Why? Here’s why: Contrary to some peoples thoughts, i don’t believe there is only 2 kinds of users (basic and experts). I believe there is something between (where i like to include myself. if not, then i don’t know where i belong)

    I believe there are :

    *Basic users (the name says it all)
    *advanced users (ppl like me that knows a bit of computers, like a lot of options, like to explore, know a bit of programing, and that like everything to work in a certain way. Ppl that fix computers and advises others, ppl that knows a bit but not enouth to get to the next category)
    *expert users (guys like you: programers, server managers and everyone that TRULY understand computers)

    You don’t have a problem getting to a folder and editing a config file manually. I do. If i’m searching for a problem’s solution and get to a webpage that

    sends me edit a file manually, getting to the Konsole or any of those things… well… that page will get closed as soon as it start’s “speaking” about it.

    Also, it makes me feel like going back-in-time to the 80’s or 90’s.

    Please, NO! Thanks a lot, but that is for you – the expert users that do love doing it. I like a LOT to put things working my way, but thru a GUI.

    In another words, i understand the revolt of having something that was previously available, removed. It’s VERY frustrating. Options should never be removed.

    For example: dolphin had once the hability to (after sorting things by groups) select the entire group by clicking in the group’s name. That one is gone.

    Ok… i can do it manually…

    But, in another example: KDE’s task manager once had the hability to group tasks manually (e.g.: i could create a group whit Firefox, Dolphin and a text

    doc). I can’t do it anymore! :( And there is no way around. I really miss this one!!!

    Yes, i’ve read the reasons why those features got removed. But the fact is that I, (that believe belong to those 1%) used this features.

    Now, if you put those 1% of users out in the desert, maybe some of those 99% will also go whit them. And i don’t believe anyone wants that. I do believe that KDE should be for EVERYONE (EVEN FOR THOSE 1%!!!Maybe specially for them, because they are the guys that are bringing much of the other 99%).

    So, after this BIG text (which i believe was very boring for you, and i’m TRULY sorry for that) i’ll give my personal 2 cents to the cause:

    Take the “Basic Approach” if you want but PLEASE, leave a small button whit “ADVANCED OPTIONS” for who ever wants to use it. Because it’s not limiting the users that they will grow, it’s by letting them explore and take steps into the unknown (to be read as: “Advanced Options”) if it wants to. And after he learn those steps, if it wants go even deeper, then there’s the config files and konsole waiting.

    This are my 2 cents.

    Thank you for your time, for giving a face to your blog thru your video, and even more specially, thank you SO MUCH for all the work you do and that results in features and functions that can be used by everyone. You, like many of others, DO MAKE A DIFERENCE AND ARE REALLY SPECIAL.


    err I wanted to ask for a simple answer, because the subject of comment and other insults, but after seeing the so big comment here from @disqus_pfpaOBX1us:disqus , lost the interest … (too big for read!! sorry)

    I Arrive here researching for Kamoso, but KDE4 is so heavy ends using Cheese (with some deletions to the gnome api)

    It would be nice to do so without further KDE depends, with pure Qt4 libs only men!