Extra-mile in hot-plug device handling

Fixing mtp support for various pieces of the workspace I realized a small paper-cut I could do to improve the experience when handling external devices such pendrive or usb hard drive.

The paper cut is quite simple, before these patches we were using the “device description” for all devices, which make sense for devices always plugged into the computer for example the normal Hard Drive where your operating system is usually installed, but it doesn’t make sense for removable devices.

You will understand this better and quicker with the following screenshots:

Showing screenshot before changes and after Screenshot after changes

Patches are under review, if everything goes ok and I’m not breaking anything (little bit concerned about freeBSD support) will backport this to 4.9.

Cheerz !


  • Victor

    There is something I’ve noticed about Dolphin that really urks me. At first, I’ll see an unmounted device as “600 GiB Encrypted…” in Dolphin this device shows up under “Devices” and when I mount it, 2 things happen that really get under my skin. The first thing is, now I get a named device of “readable name” AND the other more convoluted “600 GiB Encrypted…” So, the same device shows up twice and it sucks.

    The second thing is, when I click on “600 GiB Encrypted…” I have to click it twice (probably because it’s encrypted) Anyhow that behavior sucks too.

    • http://www.afiestas.org afiestas

      Can you report a bug at http://bugs.kde.org ? some times we don’t realize these things until a user tells us.

      Thanks !

  • Bugsbane

    Sweeeeet. :)

  • http://rajeeshknambiar.wordpress.com/ Rajeesh


    I also am very interested in the font rendering on the screenshot – which distro, which font, which fontconfig tweaking (if at all) are those?


  • http://[email protected] Matija „hook“ Šuklje

    Niiiiiiceeeee :)

    Where does KDE search for the string now?

  • plaristote

    Good job man. This is such a little thing, and yet so important.

  • Alessio

    Bravo Alex! It was something that really needed to be taken care of. I wish it could also be possible to assign a name to each hard disk…

  • sheytan

    Do I understand correct, that you improved mtp devices handling like all with android 4.0 too? Will i finally sync my stuff to phone without awaiting for milion hours that my OS discovers it?

    • http://www.afiestas.org afiestas

      That will come in the next blogpost

      • CTown

        I wanted to know that as well; thanks!

  • Pascal d’Hermilly

    Very nice! :-)

  • zayed

    Did you manage to connect Galaxy nexus to linux box and be able use it as SMTP device?

    • zayed

      I mean mtp.

      • hefeweiz3n

        Yes we did. As Alex said: More in the next Blogpost.

  • Cheh

    Great job!

  • Ziletka

    I’m using Dolphin 4.9.2 r511 and I don’t have panel Devices at all, which version of Dolphin do you have?

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