Delays delays delays :(

Hi there

As you may have noticed, BlueDevil RC4 is not out (yet), and there is a reason for that.

We’re mainly 2 developers working on it, ereslibre and myself. Ereslibre is studying hard because he has like 5 exams in 2 weeks, and I’m looking for a new place to live downtown (still in Madrid), so those things are stealing our KDE hacking time :(

But don’t worry, BlueDevil development is not paralyzed, luckily our company (ufocoders) is allowing us to work on BlueDevil all Fridays, and this is why we’re moving the releases to that day.

The current TODO list until 1.0 final is:

  • i18n
  • A few reported crashes
  • Better audio plugin
  • Documentation for distributions
  • Make kio_obexftp stable (this may involve a rewrite, or maybe wait until kde 4.5.2)
  • setup

This time, I’m not going to write a date, since we can’t be sure to accomplish it, but we want to release the RC4 in 2 weeks more or less.

Cyap and sorry for the inconveniences!

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  • Jo Øiongen

    Sorry?!? :) You are doing voluntary work. All of us others are just glad some one is doing something :)

    Keep up the good work, and thank you for providing BlueDevil to the community :) (Also a big thank you to your employer who allows you to use fridays to hack on BlueDevil :) :)

  • Javi

    Encontrar un piso a buen precio en Madrid…; eso sí que es complicado, no terminar Bluedevil, XD.
    Suerte con la búsqueda y gracias por todo el curro que debe de suponer BD (desde la ignorancia me pregunto ¿no se puede mover un poco la cosa en la facultad, a ver si se impica alguien más?).


  • Lamarque Souza

    Hi Alex, I hope you remember me from Akademy 2010, I attended the solid bof there. Just to remind you about this bug (kded crashes in latest trunk), I attached a patch there to fix a crash in kded caused by libbluedevil when no bluetooth adapter is activated. There are other places in libbluedevil and bluedevil itself that needs the same change I did in the patch, just do not forget to add those changes in rc4. Thanks for the work on bluedevil, it is working great here and I do not have problems with transfering files to my cell phone anymore.

    Is it possible to have write access to bluedevil’s git?

    • afiestas

      Just clone the repo and ask for a merge request! that’s the beauty of gitorious :p

      Thanks for the patch!

  • Murz

    I have seen the newer version 1.0rc4 in my ubuntu maverick packages, but can’t found the changelog, where can I look to it? What is the homepage of bluedevil project?

  • zwierzak

    There is no posibility to add device without PIN (mouse or keyboard). Also my headset with pin 0000 don’t want to pair with bluedevil

    • afiestas

      Yes, we’ll add the option to pair without PIN before 1.0 comes out.

      About the HEADSET, it should work (is working for a lot of people). Can you fill a bug at so we can fix it?