BlueDevil (stable) testing needed

Hi there

Since we released 1.0, we’ve been working hard to stabilize BlueDevil as much as possible and after fixing a bunch of bugs in kio_obexftp, now it’s turn for the wizard.

This is the changelog:

  • Added support for Bluetooth 2.1 (SSP pairing)
  • Do not pair devices that don’t need it
  • Better automatic mode (Updated PIN database)
  • Randomized the default PIN
  • Random PIN of 6 characters, shrink if needed (depending on device)
  • Improved the flow for lot of devices

As you can see, there are plenty changes for a minor release and that’s why we need some testing before release BlueDevil 1.0.2

This is already packaged in OpenSuse KDE:Unstable:Playground and to build it from the source you have to:

git clone git://
cd bluedevil
git checkout stable
cmake ./ -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr (well this depends on your installation)
make -j3 install (you will probably need root for this).


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  • damian

    Very nice work, just recently I had to struggle to make a bluetooth mouse work, 1 question, is there any possibility to make this work automatically?( Using default options next>next>next)

    • afiestas

      Sorry but I don’t get your comment (might be the hour, 07:19 am here)
      Once you connected your device, it should be set as “trusted” and then you should be able to connect back to it using the systray.

  • albert

    Thanks for bluedevil KDE is working fine with bluetooth because of this. I just want to do a simple remark for the systray icon. It’s seems strange for me that the intereaction with bluedevil need the right button and not as all the other KDE applications the left button. I don’t know where to report this. I do think that it’s a bug and for consistancy should be corrected.

    • afiestas

      The systray can be activated using both, right and left button, Make sure to be using at least 1.0 version.

  • jackieN

    I can’t connect my Wiimote. After choosing “Automatic Pin” the Wiimote shows up for a second in the devicelist but than disappears.
    I get this terminal output:
    “Authentication Failed”

    • afiestas

      I will need the 6 first digits of your Wiimote address to fix that.

  • JackieN

    Wiimoteplus D8:6B:F7:E0:D9:FF
    Wiimote (plagiat) 00:17:AB:39:91:11
    Wiimote 00:19:1D:84:7E:DA
    Wiimote 00:19:1D:90:2B:42
    The 00:19:1D addresses are already in the pin-code-database but they still don’t connect.

  • BajK

    Since now I got my bluetooth running on my notebook, I do some extensive testing with BlueDevil. And it seems none of the translators cared about BlueDevil, so I did translate the whole thing into German. :)
    Annoying is that you don‘t have an enable/disable switch in your context menu and that the other processes don‘t know if Bluetooth is actually enabled and so all operations naturally fail. But you said in 1.1 this is fixed. Nice! :)
    I was hoping for a plasma widget like the network manager instead of an “old” tray icon but well, okay.
    And please, remove that welcome page from that wizard. This totally unneccessary and useless and annoying. Just proceed to the file/device selection part. Welcome pages are baaaaad :(
    Does this audio pairing work with PulseAudio? Since in PulseAudio often I see only the PA server and no specific devices.
    And is there a way of implementing direct drag and drop file uploads in the kio slave? So you don‘t need to click on the “Send Files” thing but drag them directly and have them sent to the mobile phone?

    • afiestas

      The plasma widget will come, not just yet (we can live without it).

      Yes, the audio works with PA, if you only see “PA server” in your Phonon kcm (kcmshell4 phonon) you should update your KDE.

      That’s already implemented!
      tray icon->Browse devices->Select your device->click on “Browse Files”.

  • azioga

    same pc
    2 kernels
    bluedevil 1.0.1

    with all works fine. i can browse and send/receive files.

    with i’m not able to send file from phone to pc.
    also with blueman i have the same problem.
    pc and phone are connected but transfer file won’t start.
    obex problem?

    • afiestas

      Yes I guess :/ maybe you can ask to bluez developers and once you find the patch which fixes the issue ask your distribution to backport it.

  • Lindsay

    Hi am connecting fine to Nokia phone, 2 problems,

    1 to get Dolphin to find the phone folders I have to first click on “send files” then go through the wizard which does find the folders, once this has happened the folders from the phone appear in dolphin.

    2 Files do not transfer from phone to Dolphin, but will transfer from Dolphin to phone. When trying to transfer files from phone the transfer wizard crashes and the device freezes so that I get a “device busy” notification there after.

    This has been registered as a bug, but nothing has been done on it in a while. Any help?

    • afiestas

      If there is a bug for it, I’m sure that I will take a look at the issue sooner or later.

  • Amedeo

    ..and you’d have to work harder and harder, ’cause your “devil” works 1 out 10 times…if he want to…
    the last file i transferred was on the last August, and it was with kbluetooth with the old kde.

    Buon Lavoro

    • afiestas

      That’s unfortunate but it is working for a lot other people, so check your installation and reports bug at

  • Lindsay

    Pleased to say that now have bluedevil working transferring files to and from phone. I took your advice in #14 and checked my distro “kubuntu 10.10″ and after much googling and searching of forums found that Kubuntu does not have OpenOBEX installed as default. Once that was installed everything worked fine.

    Two points, 1 When you use the “Send files helper” it only sends files to the bluetooth device ie mobile phone, and will crash if you try to reverse the procedure.

    2 You can move or copy files from the phone using click and drag in Dolphin. An idiosyncrasy of Kubuntu Dolphin is that sometimes the notifications icon in the task manager will ask you to click on a small dialog that says “Open Destination”. Click and drag also works sending files from pc to phone.

    The only thing I can’t find at the moment is the directory on the phone for the sms. Over all though things working very very well