BlueDevil 2.0 RC1, (a.k.a BlueZ5 ready)

After months of discontinued work we are happy to announce BlueDevil 2.0 !

The 2.0 version brings the same experience we can find in the 1.X series but using the new BlueZ5 stack which at least on our testing improves a lot the general stability and specially on sending/receiving/sharing files via Bluetooth.

In this major version we have focused on rapidly adopting the new technology so we don’t have many changes visible to the user, we have added though a few things we hope you will like.

All parts of BlueDevil are now more aware of multiple adapters, wizard, bluetooth:// (kio) and system tray are some examples.

Sceenshot showing multiple adapter support in BlueDevil 2.0

BlueDevil 2.0 System Tray

The Wizard is now more intelligent than before, it will connect to the right profile automatically making the setup of Mouse, Keyboard and Headsets more pleasant.

BlueDevil 2.0-RC1 wizard

We need a lot of testing! This is major change for BlueDevil and even though we have done our best to make sure the first release is free of bugs it will be a miracle if that’s true!

Fill bugs at under Solid/bluetooth version 2.0-rc1, it is important that you set the version since 2.X bugs will be given more priority.

Finally I’d like to thank Daniel Schaal who did most of the work in libbluedevil and ported other bits in the applications.

As always you can find the tarballs in (bluedevil, and libbluedevil).

  • Peter Nunn

    Hi there,

    would love to help test this, I’ve downloaded the code, but have to say I’m pretty new to this stuff so have no idea how to compile it now. Do I need to install kdevelop? Any pointers for newbies? Ta


    • afiestas

      Best way to try this is asking your distribution for packages, but to give you some pointers:
      git clone git://
      cd bluedevil
      mkdir build
      cd build
      cmake ../ -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr
      make install

  • fabi

    **downloading** now i finally can try out blueZ5 (: thank you!
    btw, whats that circle thing around your mouse? i want it! :D

    • afiestas

      It is a KWin effect to locate the mouse on the screen.

  • philippe
  • STiAT

    Sadly I ordered my notebook back then without bluetooth (“i don’t need it anyway”), but with the mobile devices all moving to MTP I really regret that decision.

    I know it’s the wrong place to ask – but are there any BT dongles which are known to work by you guys? I looked at the list at ubuntu, but I’m not really satisfied with the info provided there :D.

    • kbroulik

      You might want to give KDE Connect a try. Once I discovered you can transfer files with ease over WiFi, I haven’t really used Bluetooth for that purpose anymore :-)

      • STiAT

        Would need to port that one to Jolla/SailfishOS first ;-).

        But an interesting option. I’d guess the sourcecode is available somewhere? Or is
        git clone git://
        git clone git://
        still the correct git repo?

        • afiestas


          • STiAT

            Thanks Alex.

            Just checked it out and will take a first look at it now (got home a bit late of work :/). But I don’t expect anything working within the next weeks though (depending on the interfaces on both sides ofc), but I’ll give it a shot.

            Even though I guess the interfaces of kdeconnect-kde will be more interesting than kdeconnect-android, I think the implementation of the kdeconnect-android may give me some more information.

            Thanks for the proper links… no more time for writing, time to read (code) :).

            • STiAT

              PS: Any API docs would help if there are any besides source.

              • afiestas

                I don’t think we have any yet :/

                • STiAT

                  So the source it is … ok :).

    • philippe

      i use
      mark : Plugable
      model : USB-BT4LE Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter

      15 € from amazon

      features : Bt 4.0 , class 2 (10 m) , chipset ID 0a5c:21e8 Broadcom Corp. , Broadcom BCM20702

      it claims that it is compliant with linux see

      my experiment :
      Samsung SII P, bluetooth 3.0, android 4.2.2 , Astro bluetooth module (obex ftp server)
      mandriva 2010.3 i686 , kernel 3.5.7 , kde 4.8.4 , bluedevil 1.3 , bluez 4.101 , obex-data-server 0.46 , openobex 1.6

      during boot the dongle is activated the light is switched on

      during kde session the dongle is not detected

      i must as root execute “bluetoothd stop” then bluedevil detects it

      with other system if “bluetooth stop” has no effect try “hciconfig hci0 down” then “hciconfig hci0 up”

      when i unactive bluetooth with bluedevil then the dongle stays active

      i check
      with my pc with bluez 401 compliant to bt 2
      with smartphone with android 4.2.2 , bt 3.0 and “astro bluetooth module” app to get obex-ftp

      – pairing : ok
      – send file to pc : ok
      – send file to smartphone fail : it’s an old pb due to soft bluedevil , bluez , other ?
      – with dolphin explore , delete file , copy from pc and from smartphone : ok

      i experiment also with opensuse 13.1 x86_64
      see my report

  • Mickaël

    Does this allow working with bluez 4.x aand 5.x or orly with 5.x ?
    I see this (bluez) incompbtible transition as one of worst in the few past years. Some projects still haven’t switched while others did it unconditionally. The result is that you can’t tell which software will work well with which one.
    Having the KDE hardware abstraction allow would help a bit here.

  • kdjvb

    Hi there,

    I know it’s a blast from the past but any chance to get some SCO based audio transfer (HSP/HSF) as the good and old bt-sco type of work into kde ?

  • Peter Nunn

    Thanks Guys, must still be missing something though, make works, but make install throws errors..

    [ 16%] Generating dbus_properties.cpp, dbus_properties.h
    [ 16%] Generating dbus_properties.moc
    Scanning dependencies of target kded_bluedevil
    [ 17%] Building CXX object src/daemon/kded/CMakeFiles/kded_bluedevil.dir/kded_bluedevil_automoc.o
    [ 17%] Building CXX object src/daemon/kded/CMakeFiles/kded_bluedevil.dir/BlueDevilDaemon.o
    [ 18%] Building CXX object src/daemon/kded/CMakeFiles/kded_bluedevil.dir/bluezagent.o
    /home/pnunn/src/bluedevil-2.0-rc1/bluedevil-2.0-rc1/src/daemon/kded/bluezagent.cpp: In constructor ‘BluezAgent::BluezAgent(QObject*)’:
    /home/pnunn/src/bluedevil-2.0-rc1/bluedevil-2.0-rc1/src/daemon/kded/bluezagent.cpp:42:33: error: ‘class BlueDevil::Manager’ has no member named ‘registerAgent’
    /home/pnunn/src/bluedevil-2.0-rc1/bluedevil-2.0-rc1/src/daemon/kded/bluezagent.cpp:42:58: error: ‘DisplayYesNo’ is not a member of ‘BlueDevil::Manager’
    /home/pnunn/src/bluedevil-2.0-rc1/bluedevil-2.0-rc1/src/daemon/kded/bluezagent.cpp:43:33: error: ‘class BlueDevil::Manager’ has no member named ‘requestDefaultAgent’
    /home/pnunn/src/bluedevil-2.0-rc1/bluedevil-2.0-rc1/src/daemon/kded/bluezagent.cpp: In member function ‘void BluezAgent::unregister()’:
    /home/pnunn/src/bluedevil-2.0-rc1/bluedevil-2.0-rc1/src/daemon/kded/bluezagent.cpp:53:33: error: ‘class BlueDevil::Manager’ has no member named ‘unregisterAgent’
    /home/pnunn/src/bluedevil-2.0-rc1/bluedevil-2.0-rc1/src/daemon/kded/bluezagent.cpp: In member function ‘QString BluezAgent::deviceName(const QString&)’:
    /home/pnunn/src/bluedevil-2.0-rc1/bluedevil-2.0-rc1/src/daemon/kded/bluezagent.cpp:189:61: error: ‘class BlueDevil::Manager’ has no member named ‘deviceForUBI’
    BlueDevil::Device *device = BlueDevil::Manager::self()->deviceForUBI(UBI);
    make[2]: *** [src/daemon/kded/CMakeFiles/kded_bluedevil.dir/bluezagent.o] Error 1
    make[1]: *** [src/daemon/kded/CMakeFiles/kded_bluedevil.dir/all] Error 2

    Any further ideas?

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  • Gábor Katona

    Is it possible to set to auto connect to my phone, if it is nearby? I couldn’t find such option, but is it possible through config files?

  • Fitzcarraldo

    Just wondering whether anyone using Gentoo has Bluetooth working with Bluez-5 in KDE? Bluez-4 worked fine for me in KDE under Gentoo but, since Gentoo unmasked Bluez-5 and I upgraded to it, I can no longer send files from my Samsung Galaxy Note II to my laptop. Here is a list of the packages currently installed on my laptop, in case it’s relevant: