[BlueDevil 1.2] Support for DUN and PANU

Nobody seems to have found the eastergg.. so I won’t be giving away the N950 I wanted to… (ah, I forgot to say that? xD)

So, the easteregg was a small Network icon showing up in Dolphin at 03:02 :) which in BlueDevil 1.2 will allow you to launch the DUN or PANU configuration.

While I’m writing this post, only DUN support is implemented since I don’t have a device that support PANU, but don’t worry as I say in the following video support for PANU will be implemented in a few days, it is just a couple string replaces.

Mandatory video:

Direct Link

Hope you like it, and see you in the next blog post!

  • mutlu

    Awesome! I don’t have such a bluetooth device, but I know others who do and who will be very happy. :) Thank you for integrating this.

  • Sling Shot

    Really wonderful. That fills a gaping hole in my life :)
    Also have to say BlueDevil in general is wonderful.

  • suy

    Can I be your grouppie? :)

    Seriously, your bluetooth stuff is neat, but the screencasts are an awesome promotion material.

    Can I send you big boxes of free beer too? :D

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  • richj

    First, I want to say how much I appreciate the work you are doing.
    I’ve got a problem with Kubuntu 11.10 running Bluedevil 1.2.1 and NetworkManager 0.9.1. I can’t tether to my iPhone (iPhone=NAP/PAN), a big deal for me because I often work on trains. If I browse my Bluetooth neighbourhood using Dolphin, I can see services offered by another Linux m/c and Windows but my iPhone has nothing. When I do an sdptool browse on my phone, a complete range of services is on offer. When I pair with my iPhone in ‘Select a device’ it pairs ok but then says it was successful and closes the window. No chance to select a service. When I connect, hover over my phone in Known Devices in the system tray menu, it says ‘No supported Services Found’. I guess an sdp query is missing somewhere.

    That’s the issue for me, I can’t find any documentation which is helpful in locating the problem. I am willing to write a guide on setting up Bluetooth & NetworkManager which covers what to do when things are not working, but I would need a mentor to do this. Does this offer interest you? (I know beer would probably be more interesting, but I can’t do that over the Internet!)

    • http://www.afiestas.org afiestas

      Hi, can you please report a bug about the issue ? blog is not the right place to put such thing since only me can see it :/

      I happen to have an iphone for a few days, so I will take a look at it.

  • richj

    Ok, I’ve reported it as bug 285637. I hope you are able to find the problem and fix it.
    Also, I wish I could have provided a deeper analysis, but without a better understanding of how the bluedevil daemon works, what its config files are and how they should be set up, there’s not much more I can do. Lack of documentation is frustrating and I’m still willing to help fix this, if I can.
    Thanks again for all your work on bluetooth, integrating with NetworkManager and bringing all this to the Linux community.