BlueDevil 1.1, the new SystemTray

With the 1.1 BlueDevil version, the system tray has been improved adding new features as well of revising the usability, this is the new aspect:

BlueDevil 1.1 system tray

BlueDevil 1.1 system tray

And this is the old 1.0 system tray:

BlueDevil 1.0 system tray

BlueDevil 1.0 system tray

A few changes can be notice here:

  • The most common actions have been placed at the top and at the bottom
  • The configuration action have been merged to just “Configure Bluetooth”
  • The list of known devices is homogenous with no separator between types
  • Active/Disable discoverable mode has been added
  • Added “Turn off” for
  • Small overlay icon indicating that at least there is one device connected
  • Tooltip (not visible at the screenshot) indicating if there is any activity

We’re now quite happy with our most important interface, its usage is fast and it is feature complete, because of that no new changes are expected, though we may work on a plasmoid to replace it, but that is at least for +2 versions.

And, here it is the mandatory video:
Direct Link

Next review: Three different ways of sending files.

  • bash

    Does it require libbluedevil 1.8.1 or 1.9?

  • yoda

    it’s more clearer this way :) nice to hear that work is done not only with code base but with usability of gui

  • yoda

    PS about small overlay icon is it shortcut arrow? it should to be something like mount icon in device notifier or something

    • afiestas

      It is the mount icon, KWin zoom wasn’t working so I couldn’t zoom it u.U

  • dimitar

    First of all thanks to you and all the BlueDevil developers – KDE has now a really excellent bluetooth support!

    Now, sorry for the off-topic question, but I’d like to know how did you manage to make the keyboard layout indicator and the clock look that way using the air plasma theme (it is the air theme, right?). On my set up, the clock is and the layout indicator are using black fonts. This bugs me from some time and I seem to miss the place where I can configure that :)

    • afiestas

      That is going to be a new feature for KDE 4.7, so you will have either update to unstable version or wait :p

  • BajK

    I was quite impressed by bluetooth in Kubuntu Natty.
    It works right out of the box with no /lib/firmware copyings, sending AND receiving files works flawlessly, the new context menu is nice and everything works soo good.
    Also, it is now fully translated into German (has been for a while but not backported to Maverick unfortunately) thanks to me :P nice to see own work emerging in a so widely spread environment like KDE/Kubuntu is.
    Keep up the great work! :)

  • awer

    Nice, the interface is cleaner!

  • damipereira

    The interface does look cleaner, but in my opinion the Turn off bluettoth, should be a checkbox with “Bluetooth on” in it’s text

  • Sunil Khiatani

    nice work!

  • Jan

    Just a small note: The configure bluetooth should be consistent with other applications. That means it should have the wrench icon and ellipses…

    • afiestas

      I’m not sure of what are you talking about but I will ask nuno so we can fix the situation, thanks for the report!

  • jacob

    Hello, will BlueDevil support connection to the internet with mobile phones using bluetooth?

    • afiestas

      We’re working on it right now.

  • frank

    It’s a very good improvement to have the most important and most often used features — visibility and power — on first-level accessibility. And I agree with the checkmark suggestion, I reckon that
    [ ] Discoverable
    [ ] Powered
    is better than the way it’s shown in the video. Hm… even though it is one more menu item, it could also be
    ( ) Discoverable
    ( ) Hidden
    ( ) Off
    since the first two imply the device not being off.

    I’m not sure what KDE interface guidelines say about that, but for some reason I expect a tray icon to have two ways of reacting to mouse clicks: a left-click on an icon would bring up actions or default dialog (here for example: a menu with devices), whereas a right-click opens configuration options. I’m just mentioning it because the old version shows the same menu for both mouse buttons.

    P.S. 1: I liked the way the KDE3 version showed status and activity: the icon was darkened and flashed blue, respectively. I guess with KDE’s monochrome theme that’s not an option anymore, is it?

    P.S. 2 (an OT suggestion): If you are showing only a small context menu and relatively small dialogues, it would be a good idea to screencast at a lower resolution. Firstly not all people have Full HD screens to begin with, and secondly not everyone has a big internet connection (it took me about 8 minutes do download the video).

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  • Rajeesh


    I’ve been trying to pair my phone with bluedevil-1.1and libbluedevil-1.8.1, but pairing doesn’t seem to work. No PIN request appears on my phone and wizard just keeps spinning. So far I’ve debugged, found that LegacyPairingPage is being used, which does 2 things:
    1. calls connect on signal BlueDevil::Device::registered
    2. invokes BlueDevil::Device::registerDeviceAsync
    but both of them are not present in bluedevil-1.8.1; they got added afterwards and are present in 1.9. I’m going to update libbluedevil to 1.9 and see if it fixes the issue (which I guess it should).

    • afiestas

      BlueDevil 1.1 depends on 1.9, so yes you have to update it.

  • anti aging

    It’s impressive that you are getting ideas from this paragraph as well as from our discussion made at this time.