BlueDevil 1.1.2 and 1.2.1 released

Though we released the 1.2 version a while ago we decided to delay the announcement since there were some annoying bugs that now, thanks to the testing performed by the kubuntu community are fixed.

Relevant posts about BlueDevil 1.2 (with videos and pictures  :p):

For 1.1 branch there is only one fix that solve an annoying behavior when the wizard is invoked with pre-selected address and uuid (basically it was working behaving poorly, now it works well).
This is it for now, next thing to do is releasing 1.3 (aka the release that will fix all known crashes).

You can download them here (1.1.2) and here (1.2.1)
I hope you enjoy them !

Note: I forgot to public this post so the releases are actually a few weeks old, and we’re about to release new ones in a few days :p
  • Andrew M

    If i switch bluetooth off in bluedevil, is it supposed to switch off my bluetooth hardware. If it is supposed to and it doesn’t is that likely a bug in bluedevil or solid? or something else ?


    • afiestas

      Not it should not since what you’re really turning off is the KDE integration not the whole Bluetooth system. For turning off your hardware you should check an option within thr systray