BlueDevil 1.0rc4 released

After a lot of work, and a lot of testing done by a lot of people the RC4 is here and we hope it will be the last one before the final release.


  • Fix a crash in the file receiver
  • Fix a crash in the KDED
  • Cleaned audio UUID’s (less false positives in the wizard)
  • Added Audio Sink support in the systray application (Patch by Peter Korf)
  • some i18n work (not perfect tough)
  • A lot of work in kio_obexftp, it should be stable now, test it!


  • Some times the systray application is not updated correctly
  • kio_obexftp is stable, but some times has weird behaviours (testers needed!)
  • kio_obexftp "rename" action is not working in some cases.
  • Do not use the RC4 tag, use RC4-1 instead.


The tarball can be found here with md5: c967bce0edd20c2937db5071c7b735df

And git tag: git clone git://; cd bluedevil; git checkout v1.0-rc4-1

Help needed:

Since we hope that this will be the last Release Candidate, we need a lot of test to get the final version rock solid, so please test test and test!

Finally, a small video of what we can do with the kio’s inside BlueDevil:

Download file


  • FACORAT Fabrice

    Great work.

    Just my 2 cents :
    – In the URL, it would have been better to use the device name if available
    – During long operations like devices scanning or file/folders listing, the user may miss the progress bar at the bottom in the status bar. It would have been interesting if Dolphin could show it in the URL bar ( like Windows Vista/7 or Google Chrome ), or show an animation in the main empty dolphin window ( like a big SVG icon glowing, or a loading animation )

    • afiestas

      The url, is actually considered a BUG, and will be solved (we hope) for 1.0 version.

      The long operation thing, is something more from dolphin that us, but we’ll try to work on it. Can you report a bug at ?


  • kalkin65

    Hi!. Thanks for all your hard work with bluedevil, I find it great at this moment, and it is nice to see that there is place to more improvements.

    I would like to ask you about the state of Kamoso. I use Cheese at the moment, but I prefer a native KDE app for my webcam.

    • afiestas

      Kamoso is a Pet project of mine together with Aleix Pol, we plan to work on it when we find the right time (for example next weekend in the kde-españa encounter).

  • greg

    Hi, thanks a lot for working on this.
    Are there plans to include this in KDE, for example in the 4.7 release?

    • afiestas

      Yes, in KDE 4.6 if everything goes right.

  • Rajeesh K Nambiar

    Great work, thanks a lot for this!
    Finally, we have a very functional bluetooth integration for KDE ;-)

  • xeros

    It looks very useful and promising! I wonder what will KIO and FolderView do when I’ll disable and then enable bluetooth on mobile or for example when I log in to KDE without mobile in range and after some time mobile with bluetooth will be in range – does it search for device and refresh file list on Folder View periodicaly?
    Does BlueDevil work with KAnyRemote without problems?
    What will BlueDevil do when I login to KDE twice (two users – multiseat) on single PC? (KBluetooth had problems with that – when sending files to PC it’s been random which user got file and it crashed on logout).
    Thanks for great application with great KDE integration! Such thing was indeed needed.

    • afiestas

      Well, we’re not pulling (checking if the device is there or not) because between other things that would be a very battery expensive operation. What you can do though is just press F5.

      About KAnyRemote, I don’t know, maybe you can try :p

      About the multi-users, I don’t know either :/ maybe is something to look and improve for 1.1

      Thanks for the feedback!

  • Thomas

    Looks amazing! Thank you!

  • Crismon

    I Afiestas,
    can i post your video on my Youtube Channel?

    • afiestas

      Yes, thanks.

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  • mxttie


    My main usage of bluetooth is sending multiple files at once, initiated from the device. Since there is a bug in kbluetooth concerning notifications (eventually crashing), I’d love to try out this new bluedevil stuff. Quite exciting to see KDE is getting some bluetooth love :)

    anyway, I’m still on 4.4, is it possible to try it out without conflicting with the current bluetooth stack?

    • afiestas

      If your support did it right, you should be able to have both, working ok.

      • Auth

        Just got this item replacing a pnrltaonics 520 I didn’t like at all. Anyhow,the H730 connected effortlessly to my BB and the audio, receiving and sent is very very good. Plenty loud Easy to use and great price. Highly recommend

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  • Cae

    Thanks for bluedevil, it’s working fine in debian squeeze.

    However, I am unable to locate the on/off bluetooth selection in bluedevil, any chance of adding this function? (Was installing Linux Mint for a friend and by chance comes to know that gnome’s bluetooth app can actually do this)

  • retry

    Hello, thanks for a good software. I have been waiting for normal KDE bluetooth integration for a long time.. :) I found only one show stopper – selection of audio devices as headset by defaut, and I’m waiting for bluedevil 1.1 :)

    Another issue is when I start my computer bluedevil doesn’t start automaticaly (even if I set bluedevil in autostart). I have to use radio_kill switch to kill bluetooth and wireless on my pc and to turn them on. Then the bluedevil starts. Is it a bug or just my stupidity?

  • myewjpkgo

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