BlueDevil 1.0rc3 released

This release has been delayed 1 week (as you can see) because we didn’t had anything to release (no commits, no fixes), sorry for that! vacations are in the middle :)


  • Huge improvement on systray application stability, should not crash anymore
  • Fixed a crash in the Wizard
  • Fixed some small bugs in the KCM


Take a look at the error list in: KDE Bugtrack

Also, this release is not ready to work on i18n, it is expected in RC4 (finally!)


The tarball can be found here with md5: 918d123aa7239fcc42a87fc3e3b418bd

And git tag: git clone git://; cd bluedevil; git checkout v1.0-rc3

Please, as always test BlueDevil as much as possible so we can fix the majority of the bugs before the final release.

Next release: 2010/08/25 (next week).


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  • Alejandro Nova

    Is there a new Libbluedevil release to get along this one?

  • Alejandro Nova

    @Alejandro Nova BTW, great work! The only thing I miss is an easy way to disable and enable Bluetooth (power up and down the Bluetooth adaptor, to save power when it isn’t needed)

  • replica

    Your .tgz isn’t a tarball, it’s a plain zip file. Please repackage it with tar and gzip like you did for -rc2. Thanks.

    • afiestas

      Ups, won’t happend again :)

  • Alejandro Nova

    A little bit of testing and I found an astounding regression with file browsing (kio_obexftp). I’m reverting to RC2. The bug is: when I try to browse files in my cell phone, the phone exposes the virtual names (as opposed to RC2, exposing folder, or real names). But, when I try to browse there, the connection and kio_obexftp locks up and I can’t access my phone anymore. So this is an incomplete feature being worked on generating a regression.

  • James

    What is BlueDevil and why should I care about your new release ?

    The announcement shows up on PlanetKDE but contains no useful information.
    Do you want any new users ? If I knew what this was it might be useful to me and I might help test it. You haven’t even included a link to a site where I could find relevant information. Fail.

  • Jeffery MacEachern

    One thing I’d like to ask about is the “suggestion” text in the Adapters KCM page. When the adapter is set to Hidden, it pops a big red scary message pointing out that fact, and offers to “fix” it by setting it to Always Visible. While this may be good from a usability point of view, it’s not very good security to leave the adapter visible all the time when not needed. If the user is under the impression that it is now “fixed”, they may not bother turning it off afterward.
    The options seem fairly clear if the user bothers looking at them, so I’m wondering if maybe this behaviour could be altered, or at least the message rephrased.

  • Alejandro Nova

    @Alejandro Nova More testing: we only have a phone who doesn’t like Linux. Ignore my comment above, works under RC3.

  • frank

    I just git-cloned and installed it.

    Recognising each other works, binding with a pin seems to work as well. But when I try to send a file to my phone (Windows Mobile 6.1), there pops up a copy progress in the notification area, but nothing more happens, the progress bar just stops at about 95% (it’s a 1k file). The same goes for the other direction – I send a file using Total Commander, but its copy progress window doesn’t appear. If you tell me what to do, I shall give you some more debugging info.

    The problem is not the phone – it worked with KDE3 and as far as I remember also with KDE4 and the old bluetooth application. And just last week I copied something to another phone.

    In the device discovery dialogue I need to double-click on the discovered device for the Next button to get enabled. Since I only select something and don’t open it, a single click should suffice, even if I have set double-click mode globally.

    As a wish, I concur with the need for an easy way to set the adapter status. What do you think of a submenu with the three states (off, on, on visible) for the tray context menu?

  • frank

    Ah, and also: when the adapter is powered off, the old application neatly showed that by a grey tray icon instead of a blue one.

  • afiestas

    @Alejandro Nova
    Please, report it at Report a bug at

  • afiestas
  • James

    Hey there Alex. What is BlueDevil ? I’m not trolling, I’d just like to know what it is.
    You’re blog is syndicated on PlanetKDE so it might help everyone if you included a one-liner about what your project is. Thanks

    • afiestas

      Well, read the previous entries :/, but anyway I will do it for the next releases.

      Thanks for the advice :D

  • jensp

    Works great, thanks for your work – bluedevil is awesome!