BlueDevil 1.0 Review

First, a little bit of historyFirst, a little bit of history

It Seems that was yesterday when a year ago in the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit, Victor sent a file to me through Bluetooth and kdebluetooth saved it in a hidden folder, the file is still there “~/.kbluetooth4/Vídeo003.3gp”. That fact is what made me decide to use my spare time working on kdebluetooth.

After months of work in kbluetooth (the kdebluetooth fork I did), it started to work, but that spent hours made me realize that the kbluetooth never would be stable, it is a clear example of spaghetti code. Because of that, we started a new project called BlueDevil. If you’re wondering about the name, Edulix came with it while working on the daemon, and it is based on PowerDevil (the name).

After a few fridays working on it, suddenly a Spanish company sent an email to me, asking for help to develop a Qt library to deal with BlueZ. A couple of emails (and beers) later, they hired us (ufocoders) to write the library, the first big step towards a real BlueDevil was done.

It’s known that the best way to fully test a library is by using it a lot, so we started a negotiation to finance the development of BlueDevil, finally we got an agreement, we’ll pay it 50% / 50%.

So, this is the boring history, that in my most humble opinion had to be written, now let’s start with the review.

KDE Config Module (system preferences)
The Bluetooth KCM allows you to configure all the options from a single place, it is divided in 3 pages:

  1. Devices, allows you to switch on/off global KDE Platform Bluetooth integration, and manage your remote devices (add, rename, remove…)
  2. File Transfer, allows you to switch on/off the reception of files, and configure where (by default) they will be saved once received.
  3. Adapters, allows you to configure your adapters, changing the name, the visibility…

Download file

BlueDevil Wizard:
The wizard allows you to pair with other bluetooth devices, and if they have compatible services connect to them. the highlights are:

  • Pair with any device
  • Connect to input service (mouse, keyboard, Wiimote)
  • Connect to audio service (headset, phones)
  • Powerfull “auto” PIN Mode, which has a database containing exceptions.

In the following video, you can see the pair+input connection done with a cellphone, which is used at the final to disconnect itself :p

Download file

In this one, you can see the connection of a Nokia Headset, and the integration with the system (kmix/phonon)

Download file

The systray is executed only if Bluetooth adapters are found, it allows you to do everything you want to:

  • Send files
  • Browse devices
  • Configure remote devices
  • Configure adapters
  • Configure file transfer
  • Add new remove devices
  • Connect to known devices services.

Download file

KDE Input/Output integration (KIO):
The KIO integration allows you to discover and browse your devices from your favorite file browser, the highlights are:

  • Discover device
  • Show and configure (after clicking on them) the supported services.
  • If supported by the device, browse the files (copy, remove, create dir…)

Download file

File reception:
Receive files from other devices is supported and totally integrated with the system (using notifications instead of blocking popups etc).

Download file

Finally, we’ll be releasing one RC each week until we consider BlueDevil stable enough, so the next release will be Friday 4

if you wish to help in the development of BlueDevil, you can contact us in #solid and in the kde-hardware-devel mailist.

  • Beat Wolf

    Now the question is.. when will i have this installed by default in kubuntu :) i love it! looks really good!

  • Luca Beltrame

    Although I think you on IRC said that DUN support via BT should go the Solid route, I might suggest you to look into how the GNOME blueman does it: – they handle it themselves when NM is not present (not that interesting), but they signal NM when i’ts present: the latter is very useful as like this the Network Management plasmoid picks up my phone via BT and then I can use it.

    • afiestas

      We’re having blueman and gnome-bleutooth in mind to develop bluedevil (checking how they work etc), but I didn’t know that they can work without NM, thanks for the info!

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  • Sam Sarette

    Woohoo! Now I can connect everything but my wiimote (does the whole PIN, now input 0000 on the wiimote) thing and doesn’t progress, but I’ve got wminput.

    Seriously, I can now remove all those GNOME tools. This is beautiful looking and, from looking at the code, really nicely done.

  • afiestas

    @Sam Sarette
    can you report a bug please? thanks.!

  • Felix

    thanks alot for your work!

  • Astreek

    Can you change the videos, so that it doesn’t start downloading automatically? Like this site:

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  • Aldo “xoen” Giambelluca

    WOW! It’s **IMPRESSIVE**, I love your work, every time I used KBluetooth I thought it was wrong and ugly, BlueDevil is sexy and seems already to work better. Can’t wait to see in Kubuntu ;)

    PS: And I love to see OGG/Theora videos in HTML5 video tags :)

    • afiestas

      OGG/Theora or Webm always :)

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  • Unái

    Muchas gracias porPor fin una utilidad BT para KDE4 que funciona, :D.
    Muchas gracias por su trabajo, Sr. Fiestas. Y si se me permite una sugerencia Bluedevil sería la la leche si pudiese hacer un par de cosas más:
    – Reconocer un teléfono como “pinganillo” y desviar una conversación del teléfono al ordenador y viceversa, p. e. con un mensajero como Pidgin, Emesene, etc, o simplemente para usarlo como grabadora o micrófono (para Naturally Speaking vía Wine vendría de perlas -NS reconoce sorprendentemente bien la voz grabada con teléfonos Nokia, ignoro si con otros también-)

    – Reconocer la cámara de un teléfono para usarla como cámara web.

    Saludos, y de nuevo, gracias por el trabajo realizado.

  • thanec

    Thank you for all your work – do you know of any application specific user manuals for using blueDevil? I am using it in Kubuntu 10.10 (a default install) but I cannot find any information on using console commands for blueDevil, since the GUI does not provide enough options for me. If you could post a URL for -user- documentation that would be very helpful.

    • afiestas

      What options are you missing?

  • mohsen

    Thank you for BlueDevil. It helped me in kubuntu.
    I have a suggestion too:
    when I try to send multiple files (e.g. from my cell phone) to my notebook it asks me to confirm each file’s transfer. While it can be just a “accept all” or “accept for next N minutes” etc.

    Thank you

    • afiestas

      In 1.1 you will be able to set “Accept all files from trusted devices”, is that enough?

      The popup is quite cluttered… I’m not sure if adding another button there is the right thing to do.

  • sting tapia

    i followed your instructions and it was succesful, how ever when i configure it through system setting under bluetooth it says: NO ADAPTERS PLS FIND AND CONNECT ONE. i’m running kubuntu 10.04.2

    Thank you

    • afiestas

      Are you using libbluedevil 1.9?

      If not, try to wait a few days until Kubuntu 11.04 comes out :)

  • LordLuPach

    I followed your instructions and I was partially successful… I managed to pair my mouse (microsoft optical desktop elite) and my nokia n900, but when I try to pair my keyboard (also desktop elite) it doent show me the PIN to enter…and just hangs in there forever… if I try to do it by console using hidd –search it shows me the MAC address and tries to connect but then says can’t get device information software caused connection abort.. and thats it :S how can I fix that? Im running kubuntu 11.04

    • afiestas

      Are you sure that you’re setting the keyboard at visibility mode?

      Can you open a bug at so we keep track of the issue? also provide the terminal output of the bluedevil-wizard.


  • Nethaji

    I use Fedora 14. When I upgraded kbluetooth, it automatically replaced kbluetooth with bluedevil.

    Now the problem is that bluedevil finds my bluetooth keyboard and mouse. When I select the device and click next, it stays on connecting your device window forever. With the keyboard, the window displays a message saying that it will generate a pin to type on the keyboard, which it doesn’t even after an hour.

    kbluetooth used to work like magic in finding and connecting to the device. I couldn’t downgrade to kbluetooth using yum.

    Any help will be much appreciated. The mouse is logitech v470.

    • afiestas

      please, reports bugs at so we can keep track of them!

  • LordLuPach

    yes im sure, it recognizes the device….but wont pair it, well I opened the bug right here with the info you requested, its all there, thanks for your time I really need to get the keyboard working, my secondary keyboard is no good….U.U @afiestas

    • afiestas

      You could try to use blueman and see what happends.