As promised, KBluetooth 0.4.2


Here comes the (hopefully) last version of KBluetooth stable branch. The change list is not very huge (only fixes) but if there is something I’m glad to have fixed is the speed calculation of the file transfers, it was so annoying for me to see the text blinking ;(


  • Fix speed calculation when receiving and sending filesI
  • Pairing request are accepted also when clicking on Trust button
  • Important dialogs are modal, so they’re not hidden by other applications
  • Fix a crash that happens when the sender device disconnects before the file transfer is accepted

A small note, the Modals will be removed in the next version, this is a bug fix release so the less code I change, the better.

Today I’ll start to work on 0.5 more intensively, starting by adding a2dp support.

KBluetooth file transfer

See you!

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  • KDS

    Thank you for the hard work!

  • plop

    Cool news! :)

  • Jaroslav Reznik

    Great, thanks! Updating in Fedora.

  • Luis

    Great work! When are you planning to bring back the bluetooth:/ kio? Copying/moving files between my laptop and cell phone is actually my most common use-case and the kio slave made it really easy. An off-topic question: What happened to the kmobiletools project? I know you are not the maintainer but since these projects used to live together maybe you know it is going to be ported to kde4 or not. Once again, thanks for your work!

  • afiestas

    About kio, we’re writing a new one, we hope to have something that works this week (at least it will work on trunk).

    About kmobiletools I don’t have idea, sorry :(

  • Timo

    Thank you very much for your work!
    Did you receive my translation to Slovak language please? I send it to you about 3 weeks ago.

  • afiestas

    Yes sorry, I thought that I answered you already :/
    KBluetooth is under the kde i18n team, so you’ve to contact with:


  • Phobeus

    Thanks for working on kbluetooth. It was quite a while a mess to use, but currently the progress is really noticable. Please keep up the good work. I am currently working here on 0.4 and it looks like it is not possible anymore to connect to audio devices. Will this come back?

  • afiestas

    As I said 100 times, in 0.5 and I don’t know when I’ll have it :p

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  • Kevin Kofler

    @afiestas (#7):
    As a KDE developer, you have commit access to almost the entire KDE SVN repository including l10n-kde4, so you can just commit that translation update which was sent to you. If you do that as the application maintainer and don’t clobber somebody else’s work, I strongly doubt anybody will ever complain.
    That said, if you don’t want to have to deal with this, I can understand that. ;-) If somebody is going to regularly work on translation, they should get an SVN account as a translator.

  • Peri Noid

    Great job! I’m using kbluetooth-4 for a while now and the software is getting better and better. I don’t know, if it’s interesting for you, but there is one problem I’ve noticed, which bothers me a bit. I’m using kbluetooth on my laptop. I usually don’t turn the system off, instead I’m hibernating it or suspending. To do so I have to unload USB modules, for they cause some trouble when I don’t do it. My bluetooth adapter is internal, but connected somehow via an USB bus, therefore unloading the modules makes it disappear from a system. Kbluetooth cannot see an adapter then, which is obvious but… from time to time (I don’t know the reason) after my laptop is resumed and is back up and running, kbluetooth cannot see the adapter. The only thing to make it see it is to restart this program. If you want, I can provide you with further informations if needed (just tell me what is required).

  • flareguner

    Hi. What about build in git:// ? Cmake see:

    Package kdelibs5-dev installed. what package contain Solid? Thanks if you help me, and thanks for work! ;)

  • flareguner


  • afiestas

    the gitorious repo is not being used ATM, so try to build it from the kde svn:


  • Shantanu Tushar

    Thanks a lot for the hard work, you’re polishing a *very* critical aspect of KDE SC.
    Thanks again :)