An extremely productive Weekend (Plasma, KWin, BlueDevil)

Is not a secret that the last few weeks (or even a month) I have been kind of unmotivated to work on KDE stuff, and that is a deal breaker to work on something you’re not paid for and you do it only for the pleasure of doing it.

Though the reasons why I was unmotivated (or how I like to call it, kde-depressed) are still there, last Friday after finishing 3 important projects at work I felt again the adrenalin boost that makes me hack like crazy, no matter on what, but I have to hack on something. This is how one of my most productive weekends begun :p

The very same Friday at night I started hacking on some work stuff, nothing I can say here (because it doesn’t matter at all) but I can assure you that my partners will be happy once they know :p

Saturday, I started to hack on KDE stuff and decided that instead of developing BlueDevil or Solid I was going to fix these small details that annoy me every day, and so far I fixed everything I wanted to fix:


Panel auto-expand on XRandR events (probably will go into 4.7)


Not let any window off screen on XRandR events (This will have to wait until 4.7.1)

After fixing these two bugs was time to give some love to the old BlueDevil :p


  • Bug triage, quite a trivial task but time consuming
  • Fixed bug 277878
  • Fixed bug 277451
  • Partial rewrite of kio_bluetooth (I will explain further in another post)
  • Fixed bug 245538
  • Fixed bug 253810
  • Fixed bug 277665
  • Show only “connection title” in systray if there are more than one service to connect to

That’s for Saturday :p

Then today, Sunday I started the journey with some XRandR hacking, the plan to’em all is almost done and it will include a coulpe of fixes for 4.7.1 (though I’m not sure of it).

Aaand finally another bug fix of these small annoying things:

Fix notification behavior


Now time to rest, who knows if tomorrow I will continue with this adrenaline boost.




  • JanKusanagi

    Productive weekend indeed!
    Some people are going to be very happy about the panel auto-resizing on XrandR events (I guess that includes a change in screen resolution) :D

    With this fixes all over the place, don’t you go crazy, becoming familiar with all the different codebases? Kwin, Plasma, Solid-related… :P

    Good job, hackmaniac, it’s very much appreciated!

  • IAnjo

    Great work :)

    The xrandr stuff is especially awesome since I use it a lot on my laptop.

  • labatts

    kde-depressed… not just kdepressed?

  • Tom

    The xrandr fixes are awsome! Thanks for your work!

  • PFee

    Sounds good, that should help me when I move back and forth from a docked laptop with 2 external monitors to undocked with just the internal LCD. The plasma panel often extends off the side of the screen, in response I delete it and create a new one – not idle.

    Looking forward to your fixes, thanks.

    • afiestas

      If the patch finally makes it into 4.7 test that please. Thanks!

  • Burke

    That’s awesome! You probably cannot imaginge how many lives you made easier with your work! Huge thanks!

    • afiestas

      That’s what motivate us

  • apol

    Right on! :) Glad to see xrandr sorted out!! :D


  • Jeffery MacEachern

    You should have also mentioned #252627 (Device Address/Details). Thanks again for that! :) Some of the other fixes you’ve taken care of also directly affect me, so I’m looking forward to the release. Good work!

  • Diego

    Great, thank you!

  • mutlu

    Wow! Thank you for this work. These seemingly “small” things are actually highly important. I just got an external screen and had major issues with KDE and Randr not playing nicely with one another. I am really happy that you fixed these issues. :) Looking forward to 4.7.

    Again, thank you so much, this is really appreciated!

  • Peter

    thank you! I am looking forward to kde-4.7 :)

    please keep on fixing xrandr/krandr-issues.

  • Beat Wolf

    Thank you! While to you they are “small details” to most users, like me, they are very very important.
    I don’t really care for new features. KDE 4 for me does what i need, when it works. And thats the problem. With fixes like the ones you did, you make a huge difference. I hope that this wasn’t the last productive weekend from your part! keep up the great work :)

  • Dyrver Eriksson

    You can’t believe how awesome it is to see the developer-progress with every new KDE release, even if something is broken, us users can always trust it to work in the few coming releases! :D I think I heard it squish like a bug just now.

  • hefeweiz3n

    I patched 4.7.0 rc2 with the panel patch and it works like a charm. gitlog says it’s in 4.7 now so thanks a lot for that! It was driving me crazy as well.

  • manolin

    KDE rocks

  • Michal

    Is BlueDevil 1.1 already released or not yet? If not, is there any plan?

    • afiestas

      Yes it is.

  • Michal

    Great. It would be nice then to update this: and possibly this: (unless there’s another BlueDevil home page which google didn’t reveal).

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