Respect me and my freedom

In my way to work I have been thinking in something that happened the other day, I was showing/explaining to a coworker some mobile applications made with web technologies and discussing about Android/MeeGo/iPhone development. After a few minutes of good conversation the next chat happened:

coworker: Maybe we can even create a Windows Phone application
me: I’m not going to install nor use Windows  and even less I’m going to write an application for Windows Phone.
coworker: C’mon  you should not be that radical
me: Excuses for being a radical

So, after thinking about this chat with a cold mind, I started to wonder the little respect that people have for others with different values, for example I know people that thinks that being a Vegetarian is stupid and foolish, or that everybody who have a religion is dumb. This issue is no different.

I can’t do anything for those with closed minds, for those who currently don’t respect anything beyond their values and beliefs but I can tell something to everybody else:

If you won’t force a vegetarian to eat meat, if you won’t force a Muslim to eat pork, if you won’t force others to do what you do, please don’t force me to use private software.

I (L) Freedom
I (L) My Computer Freedom.


Be happy.

BlueDevil 1.0.3 released

While working on BlueDevil 1.1 we’ve found time to release the third “patch release” of our KDE Bluetooth Stack, so here is the changelog:

  • Fixed requestPin helper by flushing cout buffer
  • Fixed requestConfirmation by passing the correct arguments
  • BUG: 267302 (crash reproducible for example with an iPhone)
  • Improved wizard device name detection.
  • Fixed “Send files” in some system by being sure that the defaultAdapter is NOT discovering.

With this version we’re releasing also libbluedevil 1.8.1, with the following changelog:

  • Workarounded bluez consistency for default adapter (this will fix some adapter detection errors).
  • Added a new signal to fix device scanning


BlueDevil tarball:
md5sum: a2d4aa126f86dbc1f429a3aa9e95671d
download: here

LibBluedevil tag:
git clone git://; cd libbluedevil; git checkout v1.8.1

The new version of libbluedevil is a dependency of the 1.0.3, so be sure to install them both! without the new library the wizard’s won’t work!

Well, this is it for now, stay tunned because we’ll start to publish information about 1.1 soon!