KDE Multimedia Sprint Days 2, 3, 4 and 5

Day 2: Trip to Zermatt

This day was marked by the trip to Zermatt but not by the outward journey but by the return one which I did (as the major part of the people) walking. We went through the forest crossing 2 rivers (well, jumping 2 rivers xD) and of course, talking about software, akademy, politics etc. By the night, a mysterious KHTML crash produced by gcc appeared in my laptop sadly I lost all the hacking time figuring out that gcc was the problem :(

Day 3: Kamoso meets j-b (aka vlc man)

I don’t remember exactly when we introduced Kamoso to j-b, but I do remember that I got stunned because seems that we did it quite well (the usage of libvlc and libvlccore). After a couple of minutes we fixed like 3 kamoso bugs (thanks to j-b).

We can say that since them Kamoso is on the road again :)

Day 4 and 5: Kamoso hacking and rediscovering vlc

In the following days I concentrated all my efforts in 2 topics: port kamoso to vlc 1.1 and stabilization. The port was rather straight, I got the basic features (display and get pictures) working without many problems. Then once I had the base working with vlc 1.1 I started to fix crashes, I was able to smash all of them but one, anyway that one is fixed now (Thanks to the vlc people).

Additionally, to fix some bugs I needed the help of the vlc community, j-b pointed me to the guy we had to talk with to fix some problems we had with the audio recording, there was where I realized the healthy community that is behind vlc, which is not only a good project but it is also a good community

KDE Multimedia Sprint QuickSand, day 1

For those who know what QuickSand is you may wonder "What is the relationship between QuickSand and Multimedia/Edu?" the answer to that question is quick and short, none :p but it is what I did today.

What is QuickSand?

QuickSand is an alternative interface for KRunner, it is integrated in KRunner (the code is inside KRunner), and since the major part of KDE users seems to like the default interface almost nobody knows his existence :p, but it actually exists and I can prove it!

QuickSand kde 4.4

So what’s up with QuickSand?

QuickSand is one of these software (or in this case a part of a program) which were developed in the early days of KDE4 and for some reason the maintainer(s)/authors are "missing" or are not taking care of that code anymore, this may seem sad but Hey! here is where the beautiful of the free software comes to the rescue, any interested developer can contribute and even adopt it.

What I did to QuickSand?

Basically what I did is some "maintarnership", removing/adding stuff here and there

  • Unhardcoded all the colors (Now they are following the respective KDE/Plasma themes)
  • Added a button to execute the system activity
  • Tunned the interface a little bit
  • Fixed some relayouting issues when accessing to the options
  • Add "Esc" as a shortcut to close the interface (AAAAH! that was really needed)
  • Fix the only known crash (Has been backported to 4.4.4)
  • Some other minnors changes.

This is the result

QuickSand KDE SC 4.5

I’ll write an entire post about QuickSand, I think that it is an interesting concept and I may adopt it in the future (KDE 4.7 at least).

Tomorrow the hard work on Kamoso will start, stay tuned!