KDE Multimedia Sprint Paris–>Lyon–>Geneve–>Visp–>Rand, day 0

The train network in the middle of Europe is awesome, but by awesome I mean really awesome :D you can travel from almost all big cities without using the plane, which is by far more comfortable and green than doing it.

To reach Randa we had to take 4 trains, that can be painful in some countries (in Spain for example) but in Switzerland the trains have an atomic precision so you don’t even need to know the name of the station where you have to “leave”, when you buy the ticket they’ll give to you a paper with the schedule, so you only have to be careful with the time :)

So, after that 6/7h of traveling we arrived to Randa, where a bunch of KDE hackers were waiting for us :p

The town is beautiful, it remembers me to the Heidi Manga (which was inspired by that kind of towns), maybe it is the most beautiful town I ever saw.

In the travel between Geneve and Visp we stop in Lausanne, the city where my mother was born :p

KDE Multimedia Sprint Paris, day -1

In my way to Randa where the Multimedia Sprint will take place I’m doing a stop in my brothers house, among the obvious reasons (see my brother) I’m here because the overall price of the travel was 20€ cheaper and because I love "Nutella crepes" :)

In the plane I have been working on QuickSand (the KRunner alternative interface), basically what I’m doing is to remove the hardcoded colors so that it can be used on any kind of colors scheme (I’m using a dark one right now).

When I finish the fine tuning I’ll public a small video about QuickSand, I’m not going to add any new features but I think it is an interesting unknown part of the desktop.