In Paris until 02/11/2009

As maybe you have noticed I’m kinda offline these days, this is because I’m in Paris in some sort of holidays. While I’m here my internet/code hours will be reduced to the mornings, from 10:00 to 14:00 (local hour), I’m using the rest of the day for walking trough those beautiful streets.

Well, this is it at the moment,  tomorrow I’ll announce something in this blog, something that lot of people has been waiting for :p

Effiel picture against the sun

Effiel picture against the sun // Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike

Click on the picture to download it in his original size, if somebody wants the raw just ask for it.

KTuberling small contribution

Hi again!

Seems that was yesterday when I wrote my last post, but the truth is that almost 1 month has passed sorry for that :( Despite not being posting with regularity I have been working hard on KDE, mainly focused on Kamoso/KBluetooth and researching something that might become my third KDE contribution/project.

Well, the next week I’ll take a break of all my duties (work/kde/free software) and I’ll travel to Paris at my brother’s home, I hope that will be there where I’ll find more time to post on the blog.

Focusing on the Title’s topic, today I have been working on a small contribution I have been promising to Albert Astals (aacid) for something like… 2 years? If I remember correctly was in Akademy-es 2007 when I said to him that I would implement it. The feature is really small but it has allowed me to investigate deeper the model/view framework which I have to say is really hot!

Well that’s all at the moment! screencast and bye!

Download the video here

**The design is not final and is not committed yet.